Peter Lougheed Centre

Peter Lougheed Centre

Peter Lougheed

“The building’s unique design features will help create a healthy and healing environment for both patients and staff, enhancing their health care experience.” – Wendy Dirksen, site director at the Peter Lougheed Centre

The hospital was built in 1985 and included full services. However, an increase in emergency department visits and a declining per capita bed count meant a new facility was urgently needed. The 398,000 square-foot expansion provided for a number of new programs and facilities.

The project design began in 2005, with the first units occupied in 2009. From the original 500 beds available, the Peter Lougheed Centre can now accommodate 800 beds to further serve the community. The intensive care units were also strategically designed to provide ample visibility from staff monitoring stations and to adjacent units.

From its inception, the Project Team planned to have the Peter Lougheed Centre addition as a LEED®-certified project. HOK, the firm creating the project, integrated many sustainable principles into the design including specific windows, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free paint, recycled content ceilings, PVC free guardrails, infection resistant fabrics, plenty of natural light in all patient rooms, and highly efficient mechanical systems. All materials were thoroughly tested by operations, infection and clinical user groups to make sure the products were not only sustainable, but functional as well. Built-to-last flooring selection was a rigorous process, as hospitals need a balance between durability and comfort to support staff, equipment and maintenance for many years without replacement. If it is too resilient, the heavy equipment will not roll. If it is too firm, it becomes uncomfortable for those who spend their entire day on it. The team searched for materials that were natural, could withstand harsh cleaning and that came in a variety of colors. The final decision was to incorporate Mondo rubber flooring and after several months of use, staff has given the material a ringing endorsement.