Golden West College – Math and Science Building

Golden West College – Math and Science Building

Golden West College Kayar8 1

The new Math & Science building of the Golden West College opened its doors to students for the fall semester of 2019. Part of the Coast Community College District in Huntington Beach, California, the university is known for having one of the most beautiful campuses in Southern California. It is highly regarded for academic quality and innovation.

The Golden West College Mathematics Department promotes a positive and effective learning environment. Students acquire mathematic proficiency, develop their critical thinking and improve their problem-solving skills. The new Math & Science building also hosts the STEM Center, which promotes the study of science, technology, engineering and math.

The classrooms are designed to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and social engagement with multi-functional spaces as STEM aims to foster inter-disciplinary learning. Large areas promote group studies, seminars and experimentations. Smaller spaces were also created in the hallways  and other areas to host smaller groups for informal discussions, studying and socializing.

Across the building, over 105,000 square feet of Kayar were installed, along with 143 sq. ft. of Uni. Our dark grey Kayar provided a great canvas for the inspiring architecture of the space. Bright areas are highlighted with lime green, blue, red and orange to bring vitality and wayfinding features to the design.