Gullhaugen Kindergarden

Gullhaugen Kindergarden

Gullhaugen Kindergarten Norway 1


“We have probably the city’s finest kindergarten” says Headmistress Hilde Olsen about her nursery, opened in 2015 in the city of Harstad.

The entire building has the colors of the rainbow and the same theme is used in the interiors.“Here I think the architect has been good at having a comprehensive theme” continues the Headmistress. The facility has different “theme rooms”, each dedicated to a precise activity: drawing, paint and water games, even a “driving room” with cars and trains.

For this project we provided 8460 sq. ft. of our own Granito and Granito Elastic (our exclusive acoustic flooring, with guaranteed noise reduction up to 20 dB) in five colors. Noise reduction was a very important factor, since the building –  in the center of the city – was to be sheltered from the noise of the streets as well as the helicopters reaching the nearby hospital. Thus, the choice of Granito Elastic proved to be the perfect choice for a highly-demanding project.