Stipes Elementary School

Stipes Elementary School

“The vast Mondo color pallet provided the sort of options necessary to achieve a look energetic and vibrant as the students themselves.”

When they built the new Stipes Elementary School, the Irving Independent School District was concerned about their student’s environment as well as their environmental impact. When it came time to build their newest school, the compact design and quality finishes aligned better with the district’s new “green” initiatives yet provided a color pallet that was anything but monochrome.

Stipes Elementary School was designed by educators to foster a lifelong love of learning in its young students. The merry use of materials, bright colors and variety of forms creates a friendly place for teachers and students alike. The vast Mondo color pallet provided the sort of choices necessary to achieve a look energetic and vibrant as the students themselves. The playful use of geometric shapes and symbols encourage students’ potential while offering them a means of “wayfinding”. Each grade level, for example, has a designated color to indicate its class location in the school. Intersections and entrances are marked vividly with broad swatches.

High enrollment in the elementary school meant that durable materials and finishes had to be chosen to withstand the heavy traffic of energetic youngsters. Mondo rubber flooring was chosen because it offers a healthier, anti-microbial solution than carpet while still providing essential sound-absorbing attributes. The installation is environmentally-friendly and the flooring provides easy maintenance while needing fewer chemicals which is, in turn, cost efficient.

Based on the success of Stipes Elementary School, Irving ISD plans to build more schools like it. As the district’s first strong investment in going “green,” Stipes Elementary leads the way as Irving ISD strives to provide its students with the very best learning environment available.